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Get Outside in Lent

We found this very good resource from the Diocese of Salisbury to encourage people to appreciate the outdoors, find out more here

Going Greener

St Francis has recently received a Silver Eco Church award from A Rocha, the Christian eco charity. This award recognises the achievement St Francis has so far made to become greener.  We have now just started to work towards the Gold Eco Church award.

Our spirituality of creation

As part of the global church, we at St Francis are called to care for the whole of the Earth in the way that God intended. We are committed to seeing all of God’s created Kingdom not just survive, but thrive.

Our journey has been inspired in part by the spirituality of St Francis, our Patron Saint. He sought to live in harmony with the created world and saw that so much of what was made could be good, blessed and holy.  In St Francis’ song, ‘Canticle of Brother Sun’, we are called to cherish what God has made.

Each week we publish a new Green Tip, click here to read it:    Our Weekly Green Tip

COP26 ECO-Event  Monday 3rd October 3pm-5pm

Read here to find out more about our event to welcome the Young Christian Climate network

Bee Keeping

Last  year some of us began to train as bee keepers, and we helped look after some hives belonging to our trainer Ian Campbell from Newcastle & District Bee Keepers Association.  This year we have started our own colony!  Here is a video with some images and film clips of what we've been doing!

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