Attending a service in church

Attending a service in church

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Publish date Published by Jon Cooper on Friday, 17 July 2020 13:56
Attending a service in church

It is now possible to receive holy communion at church!  We are offering a service on Sunday at 11.30am, repeated on Tuesday at 6.30pm.   We use the readings for the second service of the Sunday, which means it will be different readings and homily from the recorded on-line service which will continue to premiere on YouTube at 10am each Sunday.   Whilst building work is taking place inside the church, we are using the church hall for worship:

When you attend a service there are social distancing and hand hygiene measures in place, and face masks are required. We allocate chairs for each occasion within two metre spaced areas marked on the floor with hazard tape. This means that we can allocate twelve "bubbles" per place (i.e. an individual, a couple or a family group)

It is therefore necessary to book a place, which you can do by calling Yvette on 07526 813347 or emailing her  We are trying to be as flexible as possible, and some folk who are able to do so will be happy to swap if you find your chosen service is already fully booked.  So far, demand has not been great, so the chances are that your selected service will have a free space - don't hang back!

Those who have come tell us that they are glad that they have done so.  It's certainly different and you will find (for example) there will be no singing. There will be a service book in each place and you are invited to take that home with you afterwards and bring it back as your personal copy each time you attend.  If you forget to bring a face covering, we have a supply of disposable face masks available.  

Almighty God,

send down upon your Church the riches of your Spirit,

and kindle in all who minster the Gospel

your countless gifts of grace,

through Jesus Christ our Lord.