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EcoGroup - Plan for the Sanctuary Garden

EcoGroup - Plan for the Sanctuary Garden

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Publish date Published by Jon Cooper on Friday, 17 July 2020 08:33
EcoGroup - Plan for the Sanctuary Garden

The Eco Group have been working on creating a garden in the small plot of land next to the sanctuary wall and the wall at the end of the Chapel of the Holy Cross, on the south side of the church. 

The feeling we want to create in the garden is prayerful reflection. The design has been influenced by the 13 small square windows in the sanctuary wall. There are 13 x 1m square squares in the design containing planting or seating and you will also be able to pick out the 2, 3, 2 pattern of the windows. We want to keep the planting simple, low maintenance and with some year round interest creating a calm environment and not forgetting about the bees! Six of the squares are planted with ornamental grasses, echinacea, bearded iris and verbena, surrounded by box hedging. Four of the squares are planted with creeping thyme and chamomile which are low growing and will create a lovely scent when walked upon. The central square is a Tau Cross with lavender at its base and climbing plants growing up over it. Either side of the cross are two single cube seats where you can sit and reflect. 

 Keeping the ethos of the eco group, the ‘fillers’ for the cube seating will be Eco bricks made from plastic 4pint milk containers filled with plastic wrapping. We are hoping to make the tops of the seats and the cross from reclaimed timber. We are hoping to create a ‘prayer loom ‘ at the entrance to the garden where you can weave whilst prayerfully reflecting. The base of the prayer loom will be a raised herb bed planted with fragrant rosemary, sage and thyme. Pebbles will play a key feature in the garden, facing the gabion cube seats, base of the cross and also the prayer loom. We hope the congregation will collect pebbles and bring them to place at the edges of the garden for its opening ceremony!

You can see a plan for the garden below or in higher resolution HERE.