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Notices for Sunday 24th May

Notices for Sunday 24th May

Publish date Published by Jon Cooper on Sunday, 17 May 2020 02:00
Notices for Sunday 24th May

Thank you from Yvette Daniel

Yvette is due to join us at the beginning of July as our (newest!) curate and she has sent a message to thank us for our prayers for her and Marco as they prepare to move house. She has also asked me to share the UK Blessing recorded recently by singers in lockdown from many churches across the country - you can watch it here : 


The PCC meets this week to discuss various matters, including the proposed works to the gallery and baptistry.  Alongside this meeting we have begun the period of public consultation and you can read the public notice HERE


Those of you who use social media will see petitions to sign popping up regularly. If they are environmental please sign them because it is amazing how many battles organizations like Greenpeace have won. There is a petition out currently from SumOfUs concerning BEES. They are calling on the EU to tighten up the regulations on a banned fertilizer which is extremely toxic to BEES. Some countries like Belgium and Spain have found a loophole allowing them to use it on their crops.

Basically if bees die out so do we!



I would like to thank all the lovely people of St. Francis for their cards, good wishes and beautiful flowers. for her birthday. I am very touched by being remembered sop kindly and would like to return all the good wishes to everyone and feel that Christs' love is shown to be reflected very strongly among his people. However sadly in this period of lock down we all get rather confused at the passage of time. We are warned of false news, from twittering birds, face book, Instagram, to adapt a saying "some of us are born old, most of us achieve oldness and some of us have age thrust upon us"...   Actually yesterday I was only an 89 year old not 90 !!!!!! 

I ask if I might keep everything until next year (God willing) on the true occasion. Some of the edibles have unfortunately disposed of, but the memory of them and good wishes will be preserved and valued. Thanks to all

Regards,   Joan Robson


This is Brenda Joyce, June Parkinson's sister in law, who works at the Civic Centre.  The event pictured is from VE Day 8th May and shows a ceremony presided over by The Mayor of Newcastle and The Leader of the Council and Bishop Christine who have the blessing.  Brenda knows Bishop Christine very well through her work and made the poppy wreath out of fabric poppies, giving it an appropriate "make do and mend" feel to mark this important date in our national life. The miniature decorations she is wearing are the medals awarded to her grandfather in World War One, her father in World War Two and her brother in Afghanistan and Iraq.