Notices for Sunday 29th March

Notices for Sunday 29th March

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Publish date Published by Jon Cooper on Thursday, 26 March 2020 11:55
Notices for Sunday 29th March

If you would like a notice added for next week please ask Jon. a It's good to be able to share news as a community - so feel free to send in any news you would like to pass on.

Green Tip 

Get deliveries from the Grainger Market

If you are having difficulties getting food deliverred from the shops try the Grainger Market. They deliver fresh fruit and veg as well as meat and dairy products - so that is anything fresh. They do so using a City Council delivery service and can deal with 150 orders a day. Go to, or ring 0191 232 2100. No plastic either!

Keep Moving

Not everyone has a video Pilates or Zumba class to take part in but check out Mr Motivator on YouTube. They are quite a lot of years old but really food fun and you do as much as you can - and they only last 10 minutes!