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Notices for Sunday 20th March

Notices for Sunday 20th March

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Publish date Published by Jon Cooper on Friday, 20 March 2020 12:46
Notices for Sunday 20th March

Some things endure even Global Pandemics and one such thing is Church Notices. If you would like a notice added for next week please ask Jon, and you can add it in the comments section below. It's good to be able to share news as a community - so feel free to send in any news you would like to pass on.

What no party??

It is with the greatest regret that due to the latest advice issued by the government to tackle coranovirus, I have decided to postpone my birthday party. Note: postpone, NOT cancel. I'll reschedule once we're out the other side. Feel free to sing Happy Birthday to me while you're washing your hands!

With love & a gentle foot kick,

Sharon x

Green Tip 

If it was good enough for the Romans ....!

This might not be to everyone`s taste but a green tip it certainly is and it has been suggested by a family living rather remotely, receiving an on-line shop devoid of, yes you guessed, toilet paper! Having failed to get this in any local supermarkets they decided that individual sponges on sticks were actually a really good alternative. I could go into the details of what I imagine you might do but with a bit of thought I am sure this could be a really workable solution and HOW GREEN! If it was good enough for the Romans ........ (although thy shared sponges which puts a rather different complexion on it)

Looking on the bright side.

This horrendous pandemic is clearing our atmosphere of poisonous oxides of nitrogen which are expelled from car exhausts and the CO2 levels must be decreasing. If we can continue planting trees throughout, it might have a significantly positive effect on Climate change.