Pathways Mission - How can I help?

Pathways Mission - How can I help?

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Publish date Published by Jon Cooper on Friday, 24 August 2018 12:53
Pathways Mission - How can I help?


How can you help?

Saturday 1st September 

Preparing the grounds so the church looks its best, including hedge trimming, pruning and general tidy up inside and out. Bring tools if you have them! 

Sunday 2nd September 

There will be a prayer meeting at 6.30pm for 30/45 minutes.

Thursday 6th September 

From 7.30pm in the hall we will meet our mission partner Liz McLean and prepare equipment, urn, flasks, cups, tea and coffee, tables and anything else we need for the tramway event the next morning. There will also be prayers for the weekend!

Friday 7th September 

We will aim to be up and running at 6.30am for three hours on the tramway, offering tea and coffee to passersby, handing out church leaflets and being cheerful! The church will be open for prayer and we are looking for people to help with serving and greeting. We would also like to serve edible bits (brownie/flapjack etc.), perhaps tray bakes cut into small bite-size pieces, so we need volunteers for baking!

At 11am we will host a coffee morning in Scott House, so need some more cakes to serve.... and volunteers to join us to make drinks and greet people.

Saturday 8th September 

From 9am we will be decorating the church for harvest festival, many hands make light work, gifts of flowers and produce will be welcome!

Sunday 9 th September 

Volunteers needed to boost the kitchen team so we can run refreshments until 1pm for the Eco Fest!